Tuesday, January 2, 2007

forest fire

It was her heaven. And he hoped to be part of it. It was a five-minute walk to paradise which could have been theirs. It was a garden in Giverny, which they claimed on their first kiss. The
fruit trees danced with the roses and trunks retired to provide seating for the lovebirds. The assymetrical pond carried images of the sky. And walking on the bridge gave an impression of a journey through cotton-candy clouds. Crickets sang as the couple walked and it was just that --- peace and passion rolled into a beautiful Monet. It was serenity and solitude. It was undefinable bliss as they drank in their moments together.

It was sheer heaven. And it was perfection that could never wash away.

Until that instant when hell took over with its flames.

Each tree wailed as the humongous fire devoured it. Each flower was gone in fractions of a second. Each song playing in that wilderness turned into deafening pleas for help. The screams could be heard from miles away.

Five minutes. sadly, less was all it took to take away heaven from her and his chance to be with her.

He held her close. She cried on his chest. But the flames were still in between them.


{illyria} said...

painful as it sounds, i believe she has a lot more in her than he and she put together.

Abaniko said...

Just sad.

Antonia said...

yes sad and beautiful and makes curious about what happens next

-- mayari -- said...

{illyria}... that was sweet. i'll let her know.

abaniko... yes, it is.

antonia... i'll let you know what i hear.