Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Contentment is such an insatiable little creature. It devours everything you have for its own pleasure, but the more you give it, the hungrier it gets.

He wants less.
She gives more.

In this perplexed world, there are always two opposing actions. The chicken crosses the road. And the bus hits it making it unable to go to the other side.

He gives more.
She wants more.

The world’s water supply is alarmingly decreasing. Yet we leave our faucets running. There’s nothing more to quench our thirst. So we just leave our mouths open as we anticipate the last drop of rain.

She wants none.
He still gives.

There are smiles everywhere. But people refuse to smile back. They close their eyes and declare the world as insufferable and hopeless.

Does the story ever end?


Gypsy Girl said...

We misdirect our desires onto those who cannot meet them. Redirect them upwards and find faith always fulfills no matter how deep the longing.

Lazarus said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment!

Btw, I read all the entries in your site. Very nice! Very poetic! Mind if I link you up?

Abaniko said...

It's all in the mind, don't you think? :)