Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nine on Nine

I live alone. I don’t have a boyfriend or a family. The only company I used to have at home was this strange black cat who was already a resident of the apartment when I moved in. He had grey eyes and a weird mark on his right front paw shaped like the moon. He would sleep by the window every night and he would watch me as I lay on my bed. I’d stare into his hypnotic grey eyes and I’d fall asleep immediately. He was my only comfort.

One gloomy day, he just suddenly vanished.

And I became a wreck. I never realized how alone I was without him. Nights were excruciating. I was tired, but I couldn’t make myself sleep again.

That was 9 months ago. Today, I walked home from work. I walked slowly to yet another sleepless night awaiting me.

I got to the corner of apartment 9, my building. There was the sad empty alley adjacent to it. Today, however, that alley wasn’t empty. I came closer. Beside the smoky grey wall stood a familiar man. His hair was black as night. And as he lifted his right hand to comb his hair with his fingers, I saw a mark shaped like the moon. Each step closer sent chills through my spine.

I don't know why I did, but when I reached the grey wall, I stood in front of him. He looked at me and held my gaze. There it was again, a pair of such amazing grey eyes. They were so mesmerizing, that it was only a matter of seconds before I fainted into his arms and fell sound asleep.


Antonia said...

oh I really like what you write, please write more

Sidney said...

Wow! Strong and intense short story. You are talented!

It would be my pleasure to be linked here. I will also make a link in my site under BLOGS (PH).

atomicvelvetsigh said...

makes me think of the cold corridors at BLISS (near UP) hmm...

and yeah indeed this is a Great short story! It would be my pleasure to link you..

dharmabum said...

so, did u wake up, or u still dreaming? :)
or, was it real?
but then, how do we know if its a dream or if its for real???

Gypsy said...

Hey, great premise for a story, what comes next? Who's the grey-eyed mystery man? :)Sige na, ituloy mo pa! Cheers!

-- mayari -- said...

antonia...i shall try. :)

sidney...thanks for the link up. am looking forward to more of your site.'re very kind. your comment is much appreciated. :)

dharmabum...that's a good question. most times, i can't tell the difference.

gypsy...teehee. thanks. i intend to make this into a bigger story. i hope my muses work with me. :)